Board of Trustees Meetings 2013

Board of Trustees Meetings 2013

Calendar2013 Board Meeting Calendar

01-24-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

01-24-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

01-29-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

01-29-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

01-31-13 Special Meeting Agenda (Revised) (PDF)

01-31-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

02-07-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

02-07-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

02-21-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

02-21-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

03-12-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

03-12-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

03-28-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

03-28-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

04-19-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

04-19-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

05-02-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

05-02-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

05-13-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

05-13-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

05-30-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

05-30-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

06-18-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

06-18-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

07-11-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

07-11-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

08-08-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

08-08-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

08-22-13 Notice of Public Hearing QEIA Request for Waiver (PDF)

08-22-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

08-22-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

09-03-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

09-03-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

09-19-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

09-19-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

10-10-13 Notice of Public Hearing Sufficiency of Textbooks and Instructional Materials (PDF)

10-10-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

10-10-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

10-30-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

10-30-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

11-01-13 Special Meeting Agenda (Revised) (PDF)

11-01-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

11-06-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

11-06-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

11-07-13 Regular Meeting Agenda (PDF)

11-07-13 Regular Meeting Minutes (PDF)

11-14-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

11-14-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

11-19-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

11-19-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

12-03-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

12-03-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

12-12-13 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda (PDF)

12-12-13 Board of Directors Minutes (PDF)

12-12-13 Regular & Organizational Meeting Agenda (Agenda to Exhibit HH) (PDF)

12-12-13 Regular & Organizational Meeting Agenda (Exhibit II to VVV) (PDF)

12-12-13 Regular & Organizational Meeting Agenda (Exhibit WWW to JJJJJ) (PDF)

12-12-13 Regular & Organizational Meeting Minutes (PDF)

12-19-13 Special Meeting Agenda (PDF)

12-19-13 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)