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Log In Instructions

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Log In Instructions


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Before You Log Into Your Online Class:

1.Watch the eLearning Orientation (Available in August)

How to Log Into Your Online Class:

AUHSD eLearning Login Screen

  1. Go to Haiku, https://auhsd.haikulearning.com

  2. On the left side of the page, click “student.auhsd.us” and then choose “Sign in”

  3. If you're already logged into your district Google account, go to Step 5.  If you aren't logged into Google, go to Step 4.

  4. If you are NOT already logged into Google, sign into your Google account according to the directions below.

    Google Login Screen

    • Username:  If your ID number is 123456, enter 123456@student@auhsd.us 

    • Password:  Enter your district password and choose "Sign In"

    • Proceed to Step 5

  5. Click your class on the left side of the page.(If you don't see your class, contact your teacher or Dr. Donnelly-Toscano donnelly_d@auhsd.us)

    My Class

  6. Follow the directions in the Announcement’s Section of Haiku to complete assignments

What to do The First Day of School

1. Log onto Haiku the first day of school
2. Read the Week 1 Announcements
3. Click the triangle to expand Week 1

Week 1 Announcement of Economic Class

4. Click the “Instructions” tab

Week 1 Dropdown List

5. Click “1.2 “Online Course Essentials”

  • Watch , “Online Learning Essentials” 

  • Follow video instructions

6. Complete Assignment 1.2 by pressing the play button.  Watch the videos and answer the questions. (Be sure the sound on your computer is turned on)