Human Resources - Classified (Personnel Commission)

Human Resources - Classified (Personnel Commission)

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Below is the Organization Chart of Human Resources Classified Personnel

Classified Personnel Organization Chart


Effective July 1st, 2015 the Personnel Commission/Human Resources classified staff are relocating across the parking lot, to the eastern-most portable, next to the Food Services department.  The address and phone extensions for the affected staff will remain the same.


The following staff members will be included in this relocation:

Brandon Tietze
Executive Director, HR
Tel:(714) 999-5667

Marie Ragazzo
HR Analyst
Tel:(714) 765-7824

Melanie Thomasson
Employee Relations Analyst
Tel:(714) 999-2576

Aldaberto Hernandez
HR Analyst
Tel:(714) 999-5933

Jeff Gilbert
HR Assistant
Tel:(714) 999-3549

HR Technician
Tel:(714) 765-7826

HR Technician
Tel:(714) 999-5680

HR Technician
Tel:(714) 999-7756

Natalie Durley
HR Technician
Tel:(714) 999-7718

Main Number
Tel:(714) 999-3548

Fax Number
Tel:(714) 220-4502